Scenic Athens

Board your motorcoach for a 30-minute scenic drive into the heart of Athens. Along the way, your narrated drive will pass a host of major sites including Hadrian's Arch, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the National Gardens, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, guarded by the ‘evzones’ dressed in their traditional costume, the Parliament, the Presidential Palace and the Panathinaikon Stadium where the first Olympics of modern times were held in 1896.

Your first stop of the day will be at the awesome Acropolis site on which is the Parthenon, the symbol of classical architecture. The entrance to the top of the hill is through the Propylea, the ‘gates’ through which the Panathinea processions used to enter, built totally of white marble and covering an area of 50 meters across the whole western front of the Acropolis. Next to these is the temple of Athena Niki also known as the ‘Wingless Victory’. The Parthenon is the major temple built in honour of Goddess Athena. Her statue decorates the center of the temple and it was made of ivory and gold. Next to the Parthenon is the smaller Temple of Erechthion with lovely sculptured young maidens supporting the roof of the porch. From the top of the Acropolis you will also be able to admire the ancient theatre of Herodus Atticus with its remarkable acoustics.

After lunch, drive along the scenic coastal road, which affords splendid views of the Saronic Gulf and takes you through some of Athens’ most beautiful suburbs. Arrive at Cape Sounion to visit the Temple of Poseidon, standing some 200 feet above the sea at the edge of a cliff. It is one of the most breathtaking and deeply moving sights in all of Greece. Fifteen of the original 34 columns of the Doric order still stand in majestic splendor.


Special Notes:
Comfortable walking shoes and sun hat recommended

Tour not suitable for elderly and assisted, physically challenged persons.

Please be aware ongoing restoration work is often carried out at the Acropolis.

The tour involves climbing approximately 80 steps at the Acropolis, as well as walking over some uneven and slippery paths.

Security restrictions at the Acropolis prohibit entrance with large bags and backpacks.

The drive from Piraeus to Cape Sounion is approximately 1 ½ hours each way.

Approximately 500 yards leads from the drop-off point to the Temple of Poseidon over some uneven and slippery paths.

Tour sequence may vary however all features and inclusions will remain unchanged.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:
00hr00 -> Depart from Piraeus Port
00hr00-> 00hr30 Drive to Athens

00hr30-> 01hr15 City orientation ending at the Acropolis site

01hr15-> 03hr00 Guided tour of the Acropolis & the Parthenon

03hr00-> 03hr30 Drive to the lunch venue

03hr30-> 04hr30 Serving lunch

04hr30-> 06hr00 Drive to Cape Sounion

06hr00-> 07hr00 Guided tour of the Poseidon Temple

07hr00-> 08hr30 Drive back to port

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