Flight to Ancient Ghadamis

Situated 650 kms southwest of Tripoli in the Sahara desert near the Algerian and Tunisian borders, the mud brick old town of Ghadamis dates from 5,000 years.

An oasis town owing its existence to the abundance of fresh water that kept the seven clans of the Tuareg Berbers each living in their own district within the old town, each district with its public place where festivals could be held, with the entire town surrounded by a mud brick wall.

Today’s population numbers approximately 7,000 inhabitants who mostly live in the newly built part of town, preserving the old, a real jewel of architecture declared a world heritage by UNESCO.

An important trading town with many caravans originating from and ending their journey at Ghadamis, making its market rich in produce from all areas of Africa and the Mediterranean.

First records about Ghadamis date from the Roman period when troops used to arrive in town from time to time calling the place Cydamus. In the 6th century the population had been converted to Christianity by Byzantine missionaries.

Muslim Arabs took control in the 7th century and once again the population converted to Islam, Ghadamis playing an important role as a base for the Trans Saharan trade until the 19th century.

During 2nd world war Ghadamis under Italian control was bombed by the allies and after the war was briefly ruled by the British. The old town is one of the best preserved Arab towns in Libya. Most of the streets are just narrow alleyways almost completely covered over with houses virtually part of a troglodyte world. Made of mud, lime and palm tree trunks interconnecting between them with the covered alleyways offering good shelter against the scorching summer heat.

Rooftops are interconnected by walkways used only by womenfolk to meet each other. Unless accompanied by men belonging to the family women were never seen in the alleyways of the old town.

In the ‘70s the government built new houses outside the old town, however, many inhabitants return to the old part during summer where protection against the heat is better, thanks to the unique architecture.

The chartered flight takes approximately 1h30 minutes from Tripoli. Visit ancient Ghadamis and its museum, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and afterwards visit the sand dunes before returning to Tripoli early evening. .



Special Notes:
Comfortable walking shoes and a sun hat recommended.

Tour suitable for elderly but not with walking restrictions. Not wheelchair accessible.

No video or camera fees at sites visited.

Toilets available at restaurant.

Libyan Airlines or Air Libya Boeing 727-200 can be chartered for this excursion. They have 148 seats and the tour must be presold.

Planes are IATA certified and full payment 3 weeks in advance ahead of the actual day of operation is required


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:
00hr00 -> Depart from Tripoli Port

00hr00 -> 00hr45 Drive to the airport
00hr45 -> 01hr30 Formalities and boarding the flight
01hr30 -> 03hr00 Flight to Ghadamis
03hr00 -> 03hr20 Drive to old town
03hr20 -> 05hr20 Visit old town
05hr20 -> 06hr20 Serving lunch at local restaurant
06hr20 -> 07hr15 Sand dunes drive
07hr15 -> 07hr35 Drive to airport
07hr35 -> 08hr15 Formalities and flight boarding for Tripoli
08hr15 -> 09hr45 Flight to Tripoli

09hr45 -> 10hr30 Drive from Tripoli airport to the port

Tour Details

Tour Name:
Flight to Ancient Ghadamis

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Tour ID:

Approximately 10hr30

medium excursionmeal included with tour

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